Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

100-Year-old German Woman enters Politics with the Intent of Improving the Public Heath and Young People

A Great-Grandmother of Germany, Lisel Heise developed the ambition of entering into politics a few years prior to her 100th birthday.

Heise had two issues very close to her heart. The first one being young people and the second being public health. These concerns of her led her to worry for another pet cause that is climate protection.

The amazingly lively and active Heise said that she was inspired by the youth protest movement, Fridays for Future .

Heise, who walks daily through the charming old town of Kirchheimbolanden, having a population of eight thousand, is one of that groundswell of seniors who are unwilling to merely sit and relax in their old age on the sidelines of the public life.

The OmasGegenRechts (i.e. Grannies Against the Right) is an action group that fights against extremism and was launched in Austria in the year 2017 and has now expanded to Germany. It rallies elderly women on a regular basis by drawing on the lessons learnt from history for standing up to racism.

The political career of Heise seriously began earlier this year when a member of the council of the town, Thomas Bock, saw her as his potential ally. Bock is responsible for running the political group WirfuerKibo, that is working up against the already established parties for greater accountability and transparency.

Heise said that her election was based on pure luck but now that she had the opportunity to right some of the wrongs, she was going to go for them.

Heise is not only a rising political star but also a witness to most of the tumultuous 20th century of Germany.