Mon. Sep 16th, 2019

31 unconventional worldwide start-ups to take part in the launch of the third version of DIFC Hive FinTech’s 2019 program of acceleration

In alignment with the ongoing extension and growth of the ecosystem that is innovative regarding finance that is being run internationally in Dubai financial Centre that is also called as the DIFC Hive FinTech, made the launch of their 2019 edition public today regarding their program of acceleration. An overwhelming response was received on the launch of the third edition of this acceleration program. That was by the first financial technology of the region launched by the region’s first financial technology. The response constituted of the applications that were numbered over 425 from all over the world, inclusive of the continents of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa

A larger number of groups of start-ups would hopefully be featured in the acceleration program of this year be. This year the scale of launching the start-ups would be raised by approximately about 50% to 31, from 22 in the year 2018, giving coverage to an expanded scope including RegTech, FinTech, IslamicFinTech, and InsurTech. The finalists consist of 15 start-ups would be constituting the finalists who would be specialized ten in the sector of InsurTech, four specialized in the sector of IslamicFinTech, two specialized in the sector of RegTech and one specialized in the sector of FinTech

the partners of the program would evaluate the selected sectors .these partners established the assessment that was based on the criteria that is set by the rules and regulations also inclusive of the liabilities of the business proposition also the ability of implementation of the technology to the area and also having the potential of benefitting from this program of acceleration that is followed by a number of large-scale one-on-one interviews.