Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

3D heart printing breakthrough announced by the US scientists

It was announced this Thursday by the US scientists that they have successfully created functional heart parts from collagen with a 3D bioprinter, using this development they have known to have said that one day they will be able to create entire human organs.

It was mentioned in the journal Science, that their technique is a copy of a human body’s own complicated biological scaffolds which is consuming the most plentiful protein at the maximum level of accuracy that has yet been achieved.

The formation is then implanted with living cells and capillaries at a design of 20 micrometers, which is way more massive than most of the 3D printers available to form plastic structures.

It was told to AFP by the co-writer of the paper who is a professor of biomedical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University that what they were able to present, now you can 3D print a heart value from collagen.

Magnetic resonance imaging scans of human hearts were done by the team to reproduce patients’ particular parts which have resulted to have attained results like synchronized pumping and opening and closing of valves.

This April, a team from Israel launched a 3D print of a heart with human tissue and vessels, however, the organ failed to have the flexibility to pump.

Collagen, that is a perfect biomaterial for the job since it’s found in each tissue of the body, starts as a fluid and trying to print it emerged in a splash of Jell-O-like material.

However, the scientists were able to prevent these hurdles by exploiting fast changes in pH scale to cause the collagen to solidify with precise management.

It was said by Feinberg that This has been the very first version of a  valve, so probably anything that we manufacture as a product will hopefully get better and better.