Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

A crisis which has been ignored for years but seems to get worse with time

I am pretty familiar with the troubles of the water crisis since I have lived most of my life in an Indian city on the Southern side. The crisis gets worse during the summer months. The bitter reality is that nothing has been done to address this issue, and it was meant to get worse.

Chennai is totally dependent on the monsoon rains for its need. While the technology and science have developed way too much that the man can step on the moon or Mars, but the regular water supply has not reached my city from the rivers which adjoin the states which are only some hundred kilometers apart.

The questions which strike every person’s mind is that why is this happening so? The main reason is the short-sightedness and the lack of water management. While the opposition cries over the severe water shortage, the ruling party totally denies the existence of any crisis and totally puts the blame on the truant monsoon rains.

The sad truth is that these 2 political entities have been in power since the last forty years and they haven’t done anything for our city or in general when in power. The fact is, Chennai got affected by the floods which submerged majority parts of the city not just once but twice, in 2015 & in 2017.

Then again the question arises that what are the reasons for the floods and the droughts?

The wetlands have reduced to almost 1/3rd of its original size, because of the constructions of a large number of high-rise buildings. Another factor behind the shrinking of wetlands is the huge influx of population which has in return increase the demand for water supply.

The major sources of water that cater to the needs of the city haven’t undergone any maintenance work for several years it hasn’t any come up of additional storage facilities. As a result of the excess water, these are opened resulting in floods.