Sun. Jul 21st, 2019


Industry Global News takes a telescopic and microscopic view of all the current events around the world and delivers factual and unbiased coverage of news and analysis of those events. Started by a group of journalists, social activists and information seekers, Industry Global News caters to everything that goes on around the world.

Our agenda is simple – keep fake news at bay. We strive to be a transparent publication through our alliance with major media networks, fact-checking services and university professors. We take utmost care that our journalists, reporters and authors do not become carriers of fake news or news that have no value in current times.

Industry Global News started as a small column in a leading newspaper in New York slowly metamorphosing into a news website of its own. The road to the full-fledged news site has been an amazing one spanning a short period of just 3 years.

We have a reader base of 100,000 regular and direct readers from around the world. We have an extensive reach through organic searches and have been cited by many well-known media houses for breaking major local and national level news stories.