Mon. Sep 16th, 2019

Application of Virtual Reality to have positive impact on the environment

Currently a lot is spoken about climate effect and its adverse effects on human life. However, major issues of the climate change are still debatable among individuals and activists. Some also believe it is a problem overblown or even a myth. Furthermore, it is difficult to visualize the ongoing effects of climate change, in addition to those likely to happen in the future.

VR developers have hence designed ways to make the phenomenon’s effects more real –like to the general public. This is made possible by wearing a pair of headsets, and thus getting a different view of the effects of climate change.

Team of researchers from the Stanford University have designed a stimulation through which people become coral. Reports suggest, the stimulation helped them in showing how the ocean water absorbed carbon dioxide and became more acidic. This effect according to reports affected coral, in addition to other marine life.

Experts believe if people are able to visualize the effects of the climate change, they will be motivated to participate in the environmental actions, thus avoiding the possibility of catastrophes later.

Furthermore, VR developers also determine that the application of VR could help companies in adopting digital media in place of induction manuals, catalogs and other physical items which are often discarded by people.

Moreover, the VR experience can be implemented at schools to teach students about the importance of environmental sustainability and recycling.

VR developers also collaborated with environmental charities and supplied them with VR headsets, thus ensuring enhanced engagement with donors and fundraisers. Reports suggested this helped in augmenting the sign-up rates.