Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Australia will be benefiting from the Accelerating 5G technology

When the 5G Innovation Centre was opened on the Gold Coast a year back, we knew that it would generate a series of thrilling developments on the journey to 5-G. Today, in alliance with our friends at Ericsson, we have another exhilarating milestone on our road for the development of Australia’s best 5G technology.

In alliance with Ericsson, we have fruitfully completed the first end-to-end 5G standalone call of the nation at the 5G Innovation Centre on the Gold Coast. The call was completed through the 3.6GHz spectrum using an upcoming commercial chipset.

This call through standalone 5G is significant, as it reflects our commitment to evolving our mobile technology, exactly as we did with previous generations.

As the 5G technologies are being developed globally in a commercial setting, they can be installed in 2 modes. Early commercial 5G developments can be installed in a ‘Non-Standalone’ mode or NSA. This means that these early 5G technologies use the current 4G technologies for signaling between the 5G device & the base station. The 5G devices benefit from the next-generation speeds in 5G coverage areas utilizing the 4G or LTE infrastructure.

A “standalone” deployment or SA, utilizes 5G technology inclusive of the new 5G signaling between the base station, the 5G device, and new standalone network architecture in the core network. The 5G standalone call, a demonstration was given at our 5G Innovation Centre last week, is the initial step in moving towards a 5G core which will be bringing flexible network architecture & even lower latency. These improvements will open up more opportunities and use cases in the future such as industrial automation & control and will also provide the enablement of novel services & applications which we haven’t even yet thought of.