Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

Bees on the Verge Of Extinction

Insects play  very important role in our earth, that most humans don’t realize. One main natural phenomena that takes place daily and might be the reason why we are still surviving is the pollination service provided by bees. This habit by bees and other insects provides us with a lot of assets including planets species, food, better climate, green areas and other important aspects which affects our life directly and indirectly.

However, only in recent years, there has been a noticed decrease in the number of bees worldwide and the overall pollination process. This decrease is crucial to tackle as our earth can’t afford the extinction of bees. A research led by Susanne Renner, a professor of Systematic Biology and Mycology at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet, targeted the reasons which are affecting the bees population.

Results show that the problem starts with lack of nutrients and right food for the insects kingdom. This is due to the planting of wrong plants or other type of plants that do no accelerate the process of pollination. Major bees kingdom get discouraged to feed properly which affects the rate of pollination and in turn has put them on the list of extinction.

“According to our analysis, late-emerging species – Melitta tricincta, for instance – are increasingly at risk in agricultural areas, because they can no longer find sufficient food. In regions where the land is intensively farmed, the fields are virtually devoid of flowers at that time of the year,” says Professor Renner.