Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Both the issue of Big tech regulation and Huawei ban in Australia hung heavily over the discussions at G-20

The government of Australia at risk after being exposed by its insufficient expertise as it is bolder in giving allowance to the local positioning to intersect with the giant tech issues at play on a global level, as the lawmakers try to get hold of the growing impact of the technology on the society.

Scott Morrison, the Australian Prime Minister was greeted as having pulled off a political achievement over the weekend by heading a Group of Twenty summit push to issue a statement putting the giants of social media on notice about the online streaming of graphic terrorist content, but finds his own government on much unstable ground when it comes to the growth dynamics of the Chinese Telecom device maker ‘Huawei’ ban from the participation in the National Broadband Network & mobile 5-G networks.

The Australian Prime Minister received some praise for leading the online anti-terrorism calls at the G-20 summit, however, his own government is facing much bigger technology problems of global significance and local tension.

Both the issues of banning the Huawei and the big technology influence suspended heavily over the discussions that took place at the G-20 summit in Japan and the Morrison could be suggested to enjoy any praise he garners for the terrorism stance since he is enjoying the least hanging fruit in the bigger scheme of things.

You won’t be able to find anyone arguing this action against the notion of putting a stop at the use of social media for promotion of terrorism, but if we are being honest, there wasn’t much discussed at the 6-20 summit which had not been already covered off in the Jacinda Ardern & Emmanuel Macron’s “Christchurch Call,” international accord in May.

The United States put the tech giant ‘Huawei’ on the blacklist in May, apart from the kind of telco equipment bans which the Australian government has in place, it banned US companies from selling its products to Huawei.