Mon. Sep 16th, 2019

Breathing is now easier with the new oxygen technology that is Newaygo-based

These six months would be busy and crucial foe the response system that is interactive and also advanced in regards to time this is called LLC, The Stream-based Company that is medically devised. The Stream is a space where co-working is done in downtown Newaygo.

a patent was granted to the member of the company, Valerie Obenchain, she got informed of the patent for the main product of the company by the higher officials based in Australia in August for the company’s main product. The main product happens to be a flow monitor for oxygen which is used by the people who utilize oxygen tanks. The company already had two patents that were previously granted in the United States — the first one was granted in the year 2014, it was right after the company got established— and the other one is being expected to be approved in Europe and Canada.

A therapist of respiration who has gotten the experience by working at different hospitals like Sparrow hospital that is located in Lansing also at Spectrum Health Hospital that is situated in Reed City, for some time off over twenty years. Her name is Obenchain and started raising a fund of approximate dollar 1.5 million and is also heard to be engaged in talks about the funds with the top-notch investors like Grand Rapids also the Belle Angels. Now she is hoping for the acceptance to be granted l soon from the United States’ FDA to start vending her device, with the selling of the device being expected to begin in the initial quarter of the year 2020. Oxus Inc. would be the agreement builder for the monitor that would wholesale for $1,500.