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BTC Buying made Easy by Matrixport as They Expand their Offerings with ‘BBM’ and ‘SAM’ Products

Published On 11 Dec 2021 05:27 AM


In the last two years, there is a huge and significant growing interest in digital assets. Cryptocurrencies have had the uppermost share, but the digital asset category had much broader options and have been largely preferred by consumers over the years. Widespread adoption of digital assets have led to easier and faster issuance of new securities, while cross-border transactions have been streamlined. These benefits apply to already existing types of securities, like bonds, fund shares and in a few years, stocks. Beyond just improving effectiveness of existing types of securities, digital assets are enabling the creation of new types of securities. Based on current trends, digital financial services platforms have become the favored and leading business model for banks and financial institutions.  Digital platforms are offering consumers and small businesses the opportunity to connect to financial and other service providers through web based and mobile applications, which easily gets integrated as a part of their day-to-day activities.

Matrixport is the Asia’s fastest-growing digital-asset financial services platform. Recently, the company announced the launch of its first-mover ‘Buy Below Market’ (BBM) and ‘Sell-Above Market’ (SAM) offerings. These ‘Buy Below Market’ (BBM) and ‘Sell-Above Market’ (SAM) offerings allow users to buy or sell Bitcoin (BTC) at a discounted price or at a premium across a range of tenors and the rates are changed automatically by Matrixport’s system. As there are innate variations of BTC price, opportunity cost is common in crypto. The company’s latest products address this difficulty by allowing the customers to enter a BTC position or settle at a better-than-market price. Their offering is designed to remove the pressure of timing the market, so that crypto trading becomes easier and convenient for everyone. Users can put forth their opinions on BTC by choosing from a range of target buy prices at a discount with BBM. When the users will select a lower buying price, they will have longer tenor and the users can have greater discount rate.

For each target buy-price option, there are three possible outcomes:

  • If the BTC price settles between the stated ranges, then 50% of the user’s fund will be used to buy BTC at the price of the lower bound. Users will receive BTC bought at the discounted rate and 50% of the fund is returned as USDT/USDC.
  • If BTC price settles at or below the lower bound of the specified range then 100% of the user’s fund will be used to purchase BTC at the price of the lower bound, and users will receive BTC.
  • If BTC price settles above the upper bound of the specified range, then the orders are sold out and the users receive 100% of their USDT/USDC fund.

On the other hand, there are three similar outcomes with SAM, where the users have the opportunity to sell their BTC at a premium above the current market price. The higher the selected sell price and the longer the tenor, greater the premium rate. Recently introduced BTC U-Range Sniper and ETH 2.0 Staking Earn, followed by the launch of BBM and SAM reflects the company’s strategy to focus on producing innovative products, which makes investing easier for both crypto consumers and beginners. 

About the company

Matrixport is one of the fastest-growing digital-asset financial services platforms in Asia. The company is headquartered in Singapore with a mission to make crypto easy for everyone. The company has licenses in Hong Kong and Switzerland, with over 250 employees serving both institutions and retail customers across Asia and Europe. The company handles USD 10 billion in assets under management and custody while also providing one-stop crypto financial services with over USD 5 billion in average monthly trading volumes. The company offers various platforms such CactusCustody, spot OTC, fixed income, structured products, lending and asset management. Their platform offers features such as simplified dashboard and a selected product offering that is friendly to beginners in crypto. Additionally, the company offers a step-by-step guide for beginners from the moment they start exploring Matrixport

For more detailed information, please visit: http://www.matrixport.com


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