Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Commencement of partnership between Evotec, Oxford University, and Sensyne health

There has been the commencement of a new long-term partnership of the Evotec from Germany with Oxford University and AI tech company’ Sensyne Health’, which is a British firm, for the translation of research into new firms which is devoted to digital health, data-driven drug discovery & establishment, and clinical Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

There is also involved in the collaboration of the university’s tech transfer arm, as well as, Oxford Sciences Innovation which is the greatest intellectual property investment firm of the world devoted to a solo university.

There will be the creation of a bridge known as LAB10x, targeted at the translation of research into digital health and Artificial Intelligence into new technology firms.

There will be exclusive sourcing of Digital health projects from Oxford researchers be means of OUI and assistance will be provided by an expert in habitation supported by Sensyne to the initiative of LAB10x and embedded within the campus.

Technologies created by LAB10x will be adopted for the generation and analysis of anonymized patient datasets to enhance the outcomes of the patient and advance pharmaceutical Research & Development, as well as, medical research.

A fund of almost £5M will support LAB10x for the starting period of 3 years.

There will also be the provision of access to the drug discovery expertise by Evotec while Sensyne will be contributing exclusively to its clinical Artificial Intelligence & digital health expertise.

This will be inclusive of the data analysis, regulated software development, and standardized quality management system for the selection of projects and their development to the point of profitable proof of concept.

Both firms, along with Oxford Sciences Innovation, will be having the right to do co-investment in seed financing rounds. Sensyne will possess the right to getting the acquisition of a license to Intellectual Property generated by the chosen projects. Both firms will be exploring other collaboration of opportunities.