Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

DAK Healthcare has made it easier for people to study and work in Germany

The youth of India is dreaming to settle in Germany for work and education. The new partner for service is DAK-healthcare for the Dutch DAK health-insurance company. This new health insurance company is doing its best to provide the Indian people the best stay and services possible in Germany.

Germany has made it mandatory to have health insurance because of the International comparison. Students pay 80 Euros for accommodation each month. With the availability of a Health-E-Card, all expenditures and other costs incurred by him are directly paid by the Insurance Company. The certified physician available at that moment sends the expenditure invoice to the Insurance company and therefore the person is not obliged to pay anything from his pocket.

Going to Germany for Either work or education there are a variety of insurances that are available to the customers from which they have to select that prefers them the most. Nevertheless, the customer services that are available to the customers vary differently. Between hundreds of different German health insurances that are available to the customers, DAK has achieved the status of the best customer service provider in Germany in the year 2018.

DAK has already been successful in establishing over five hundred native service centers and a large network of medical specialists throughout the European country to deliver its customers with the simplest potential support. The person that is insured therefore receives 360-degree health protection for himself and his members of the family if they all live with him. Additionally, there are other several special programs to hide gestation, kid vaccinations, sports injury, etc. There additionally exists a 24/7 service hotline to produce all insured persons with skilled and adjuvant facilities and answers to imperative medical and insurance queries.