Sun. Jul 21st, 2019


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Hygienic toilets are an essential aspect of a comfortable environment, which often becomes an issue when we travel or attend outside events. Portable toilets are built to address these concerns and offer clean and sanitized facilities for a washroom, irrespective of where you go. These portable toilets can also be utilized for a house party, or an event that has a large group of people coming together for a gathering. It provides additional washrooms for a large number of people and you can even choose them to ensure the privacy of your personal washroom during a function. However, with a plethora of portable toilets available in the market, it could be difficult to decide the type of portable toilet you should buy. So, here is a list of types of portable toilets for you to choose from:


Chemical Portable Toilets

These toilets include a flush mechanism to keep the unit clean and decrease odors. After use, the toilet can be flushed using a foot pump or a handle pump, which drops the waste into the tank and circulates the chemicals in the toilet. The tank of these toilets is closed off during use, which enables limiting bad odors for its users. Additionally, these toilets can be fitted with hand sanitizer dispensers and hot or cold water basins, which makes it an all in one solution for its users.

Mains Connected Toilets

These are portable toilets that can be directly connected to a sewage system and are usually utilized for work sites with existing mains sanitation. These type of toilets do not gather the waste as they directly flush it into the sewage system. These toilets offer the functionality of a permanent toilet and are easy to install. They can also be fitted with hot or cold water basins, which enables the user to customize these toilets as per their preference.

Self-Servicing Portable Toilets

These toilets combine the simplicity of a portable cassette toilet, which is a permanent toilet with a portable tank while offering the privacy of a portable toilet unit. These toilets have a removable tank, which can be separated from the unit and emptied at a drain or other waste disposal site. As a result, this toilet is easy to maintain and reasonable to use.

Compost Toilets

The compost toilets are an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional portable toilet and are becoming a popular choice for campsites, allotments, and backyard installations. These toilets make use of a waterless system, which divides solid and liquid waste.  A scoop of composting sawdust completes the flushing process and this waste is held by the container until it is ready to be transferred into a larger composting bin. These toilets can be used for a long period of time and offer a sustainable option with minimal odor for any location.

Long Drop Portable Toilets

These toilets are usually utilized by venues that are hosting big events and lack the facility for mains connections to accommodate a large number of people that will be attending these events. These portable toilets are connected to a large underground tank and flush the waste down to this portable tank, reducing the issues of waste buildup, as well as the resulting odors.

You can buy any of these toilets as per your needs and breathe a sigh of relief, as no matter where you go, you will always have a clean, as well as a sanitary toilet facility.

Portable Toilets Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.87% from 2019 to 2027 with a significant demand from events industry and rising usage at construction sites, says Absolute Markets Insights.