Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Distracted Drivers in Queensland will be fined more than double and their license will be suspended

Distracted Drivers in Queensland

An important proposal to increase the fines to more than double and suspend the license for drivers of Queensland who are caught using cell phones will be the main agenda at a 3-day road safety summit held in Brisbane.

The Minister of Transport ‘Mark Bailey’ has stressed on increasing the fines for drivers who are distracted from $400 to $1000 which is more than double, along with the suspension of license on the second such strike.

He said that they had made a commitment to work with road safety experts in order to influence novel thinking and better approaches to distracted driving and this what they did. He said that time is overdue for them to get this right since all of the lives are dependent on it.

Two years ago, 38 people got killed, and 1224 were hospitalized because of the distracted drivers on the roads on Queensland.

Lately, the road toll of Queensland has also been in the limelight, since there were more than 40 deaths in the last 2 months.

The Driver Distraction National Summit will be seeing over 70 experts of road safety, as well as stakeholders, inclusive of the vehicle manufacturers, tech firms, insurers & motoring lobbies, discuss measures to discourage the drivers from using their phones while driving, responding to any texts, or using social media while they’re on the road.

According to Paul Turner, the RACQ spokesperson, increasing the fines was the part of the solution but it won’t cure the root problem.

He stated that these fine would only work if people would think that they are going to be caught which means more road police, with the tools they’d need to catch the offenders.

State opposition leader Deb Frecklington stated that they would like to call on the Palaszczuk government to make sure that every cent of the money collected from fines is rolled back into the initiatives for road safety or for fixing up the roads in this state.