Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Expansion of business ties between Ukraine and Dubai

Non-oil trade of Dubai with Ukraine almost doubled over between the last 3 years to reach $571M a year ago, while the agriculture of Ukraine and the exports of metal trade increases.

Indication an expansion of ties between the businesses in the Dubai and Ukraine, the trade figures were lately unveiled at the 5th National Export Forum in Ukraine, where representatives from Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Azerbaijan office presented informative information which covered the economy of Dubai, as well as, the business environment. In addition to this, various competitive benefits were also covered in the presentation that the Emirates offer to the exporters in different areas of the world.

Animal products, animal fats, base metals, oils & wood were amongst the highly common exports of Ukraine to Dubai in the last year, this was revealed by the presentation, while the tourism & hospitality, smart city solutions, food security, science & education, cybersecurity, and healthcare were identified as the main sectors and areas where business in Ukraine & Dubai can advance their co-operation in the future.

The Director of International Offices at the Dubai Chamber, Omar Khan, noted that the National Export Forum in Ukraine is the perfect platform in order to develop relations with the main private and public sector stakeholders, do exploration of novel business opportunities & promote Dubai as the suitable hub for trade firms in Eurasia which can benefit from the strategic geographic location of the emirate providing convenient access to the markets across the Asia and the Middle East.

He observed that the forum comes at a time when Ukraine & other countries across Eurasia are pushing ahead with plans to improve foreign trade and differentiate their export markets. He defined Dubai as a global gateway for firms in these markets to advance their reach and invited Ukrainian firms to participate in Gulfood, Arab Health, and GITEX Technology Week.