Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Expansion of GCI Health into Germany with the transition of another WPP firm

An announcement was made today by the GCI Health regarding their advancement into Germany with the transition of another WPP firm, the healthcare branch of Hering Schuppener.

This implies that now Hering Schuppener will be a part of the GCI Health, therefore, expanding the global footprint of the GCI Health and will allow the firm to enter into the healthcare expertise of the Hering Schuppener, its local strength in Germany, as well as, its presence in continental Europe.

Thirty additional healthcare experts will be then added into the fold of the GCI Health and it will get the possession of two extra offices in Germany along with the operations of the firm in the United Kingdom.

The Managing director, as well as, the Co-owner of Hering Schuppener, Doctor Horst Muther along with Katharina Tolkmitt, will be continuing to manage the operations and will shape the future development of the merged organization. Both of them will be reporting to the Chief Executive Officer ‘Wendy Lund’.

Focus of the office of the GCI Health in Germany will be on four major areas: medical devices and pharmaceuticals inclusive of market access communications, strategic communication consulting, consumer wellness and awareness; and corporate communication for healthcare firms, as well as, other organizations.

The Chief Executive Officer, Wendy Lund stated that the medical devices and pharma industries represent a main sector of the Germany’s healthcare industry, which now makes the perfect time to bring advancements to our European capabilities with this distinguished team. Considering their reputation and the strong bond of partnership which we have been enjoying with Hering Schuppener over the time, we are delighted to hail them to GCI Health.

At the beginning of this year, the presence of the agency was extended to Singapore.