Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

Expansion of trade at the 125th China Import and Export Fair

At the 125th Canton Fair (also called China Import and Export Fair), International Pavilion will be featuring exhibitors from thirty-eight different regions and countries, sighting an increase of 11 percent. Debuts will be made by the freshly added exhibitors, which include Ukraine, Russia, Kuwait, Brazil, Poland, Chile and various other.

The 125th Canton Fair IP will be hosting around 650 countries, which will feature 383 exhibitors from twenty-one countries within the bounds of China. This signifies an increase of 24 percent in the proportion of countries (& region) in comparison to the previous session. India, South Korea, and Turkey are the top 3 countries having the greatest number of companies. Also, the ratio of their exhibitors will be even larger this time.

International Pavilion is growing into a deluxe and open platform because of the various globally-known exhibiting brands & products. These include Brazil’s Lorenzetti, Japan’s Mitutoyo, Germany’s Rossmann, US’s Caterpillar, UK’s Stanley, and Italy’s famous Officina.

To pull more buyers, the International Pavilion has been sending invitations to the chain supermarkets and commerce merchants abroad by means of promotions and conferences. The Internet has also been used as a platform for outreaching more potential buyers.

On a wider scale, Opportunities from the development of the Guangdong Greater Bay Area will be brought by the International Pavilion. It will be the hosting party of diverse international cooperation and will be exchanging meetings for the purpose of promoting information sharing and trading cooperation between the business resources and the Greater Bay Area from the home country and abroad as well with an all-inclusive and open platform.

At the 124th Canton Fair i.e. the last year’s fair, The International Pavilion was able to attract buyers exceeding 100,000, where nearly majority of them were from China and included renown e-commerce retailers and platforms like Lotus Supermarket, and many more.