Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

For the third consecutive year, ‘CPS Energy’ gets chosen for Environmental Champion appreciation

CPS Energy

For the third consecutive time, CPS Energy has earned Environmental Champion Utility by Market Strategies; Morpace. The study reveals that the demand for programs for helping consumers efficiently manage their use of energy and decrease their own environmental footprint has been increasing progressively over the last 5 years

Senior VP at Market Strategies – Morspace, Chris Oberle passed the following statement: “Consumers have become more environmentally conscious and now expect the companies they use to share that same concern. The good news is that our research shows that utilities have responded to these expectations and are being viewed through a more positive environmental lens by their customers. With Earth Day being celebrated today across the globe, this is a great time to name the utilities doing the best job responding to customers’ environmental expectations as Environmental Champions.”

President and CEO at CPS Energy, Paula Gold Williams stated: “Protecting our environment is simply in CPS Energy’s DNA, which makes announcing this achievement on Earth Day incredibly special. We balance the tried and true with the new by taking a thoughtful approach to power generation with our Flexible Path. Partnered with customers throughout our large metropolitan community, we look forward to continuing San Antonio’s expansion into newer and cleaner technologies. The CPS Energy team will remain vigilant in sharing knowledge about how our customers can simultaneously reduce their personal energy usage through participating in one of our many energy-saving programs.”

Mayor of San Antonio, Ron Nirenberg also passed a statement which said: “Year after year, CPS Energy demonstrates that they are an Environmental Champion for our community, and I applaud the leadership of President and CEO Paula Gold-Williams and her team. As a CPS Energy board member, I am confident that our city will continue to be a leader in the new energy economy, a major producer of renewable sources, and will always put people first—all while maintaining a secure, resilient and affordable energy supply.”