Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Foreign Government was used by Trump for editing one of his speeches

Donald Trump, as a presidential candidate, let the United Arab Emirates add language to his energy policy address.

It was reported by ABC News:

Two weeks prior to the scheduled speech of Trump, Thomas Barrack, a California investment tycoon with all-encompassing contacts in the Middle East & who later helped oversee inauguration of Trump. Barrack was then told by the associate that he shared them with the United Arab Emirates & Saudi government officials, afterward which Barrack arranged for language requested by the United Arab Emirates’ officials to be added to the speech with the help of Paul Manafort, campaign manager of Trump at the time.

Copies of more detailed texts & emails from House investigators were obtained by the ABC news, who gathered over 60 thousand documents showing what they say are the merger of private interests & public policy decision by Trump aides both before & after he took office. The subsequent investigative report is an insight into events surrounding the 2016 energy speech as a key example of how close aides of Trump were granting access to their foreign business contacts of campaign policy decisions.

Presidential candidates should not use foreign governments to help write their speeches.

It should be clear to everyone, however, a presidential candidate who has a speech reviewed & edited by a foreign government will not be putting America first or working in the best interests of the United States’ people. Foreign governments have always owned Trump. Whether it’s the United Arab Emirates, Russia, or Saudi Arabia, Trump is the most compromised president in the history of the nation.

Trump is not a president. He is an aggressive takeover who was installed by those who just wanted to see a failure of democracy.