Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

German football officials in 2006 World Cup charged with fraud by Swiss persecutors

It was stated by the Swiss prosecutors that they had charged 3 former officials of the German Football Association inclusive of the former president Theo Zwanziger because of fraud case relating to the World Cup of 2006.

The officer of the attorney general said in a statement that the accused officials are alleged to have deceitfully misled the members of a supervisory body of the German Football Association’s organizing committee for the World Cup in 2006 regarding the actual purpose behind the payment of nearly 6.7 million euros.

The former secretary of the German football federation, Hors Schmidt, has also been charged with a scam, as well as, the secretary-general of FIFA, Swiss Urs Linsi, who served from June 1999 to June 2007.

Another member of the 2006 bid committee who happened to be the Vice President of the Organizing Committee, Wolfgang Niersbach, has been charged with involvement in the fraud.

In July the charges regarding the money-laundering have been dismissed.

Four of the officials have completely denied the claims.

Zwanziger told the subsidiary of AFP, SID, that this entire Swiss campaign is despicable, wicked and will fail since there is nothing I can reproach for myself.

He added that these inept investigators are wasting their time in banging their heads against a wall, and the wall will win for sure always. He stated that the entire thing has been a prolonged judiciary scandal and on the part of the accused there is truly on reproachable behavior.

Niersbach stated that the accused discovered about this allegation only through means of social media that they had been charged and called the investigation as unspeakable.

He added that the accusations made against them will prove to be entirely unfounded.