Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Germany at risk due to the gap in the vaccination for measles

It was warned by the health insurers that nearly 160 thousand German infants are deprived of measles immunization. Their findings highlighted the latest alert by the World Health Organization that in Germany, as well as, other European nations the measles virus is still endemic.

On Thursday, one of the largest semi-statutory health insurers of Germany, Barmer warned that almost 80 percent of two-year-olds and 88.8 percent of six-years-old were effectively immunized against measles in 2017.

It is widely recommended to target 95 percent of the population to get immunized so that the country can get rid of the virus which spread very easily and is also a potentially fatal disease.

It was revealed by Barmer, that 9 percent of the children admitted to schools do not possess the document which had to be presented by the parents when their child starts school. The document had vaccination passports. So, it scanned its own database of patients instead of identifying the immunizations actually given by pediatricians.

When Barmer scaled up its sample, it was calculated that all across the nation there were 166 thousand two-year-old children who were deprived of full measles immunization.

In addition to this, it was also revealed that 20 percent of girls of this age weren’t adequately vaccinated against rubella.

Rubella is a viral ailment, which has similar symptoms to measles. Skin rashes are one of the prominent symptoms. It can result in congenital issues in offspring and even miscarriages in girls when they reach adulthood.

The Chairman of Barmer, Christopher Straub stated that there are just too few children who receive the vaccination in Germany. That makes nearly impossible to eradicate certain infectious diseases and hampers protection for all those who avoid getting vaccinated.