Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Germany en route to establishing a new law which would make Measles Vaccine Mandatory

Germany is well en route to establishing a new law which will make it compulsory for the parents to give their children the needed measles vaccine. This new law is aimed to combat the relapse of the disease in the country.

Cabinet of the German Chancellor Angela Markel made a decision on Wednesday i.e. 17th of July that they will be passing the Measles Protection Act, which was adopted on the 19th of July.

The Health Minister of Germany, Jens Spahn stated that whether in kindergarten, at the school or childminder, we want to give protection to all the children against measles infection.

The infection is highly contagious & has the tendency of taking a very nasty or deadly turn at times.

The new law will be requiring all the children of Germany to take the recommended vaccine shots before they get admitted to kindergarten or school next year or before the 1st March of the coming year.

The law is also compulsory over adults or staff who work in daycare centers or other educational institutes.

In addition to this, parents will have to give proof that their children have been vaccinated before they get into school or kindergarten through a vaccination certificate called as ‘Kinderuntersuchungsheft’ which is a distinctive booklet that parents fill out, detailing their child’s vaccines or by a medical certificate which shows that the child already had measles.

Hesitance or violation against the law will result in a fine of up to 2,500 euros which is equivalent to $2,800 under the bill that is likely to pass quickly through the Bundestag lower house of parliament.

We want to give protection to maximum possible children from measles infection,” stated Health Minister Spahn, who is targeting for at least 95% coverage.