Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Germany plans on employing care workers from Turkey for the elderly

The Arbeiterwohlfarht (AWO), or Workers Welfare Institution, an administration association devoted to advancing laborer welfare in Germany, will hold prospective employee meetings with Turkish consideration laborers in Istanbul beginning this month to think about the nation’s maturing populace.

The move came after Germany passed a law opening the entryways for qualified older folks care laborers from abroad. In spite of the law producing results Jan. 1, 2020, the AWO chose to make a move prior and declared that through participation with an expert organization will begin to lead interviews with applicants beginning this month.

An expert working at the organization PKS told every day Hürriyet that the applicants needed at any rate two years of experience and furthermore be an alum of a college.

“To select specialists from Turkey to Germany, we are participating with Sağlık-Sen [the Trade Union of Health Sector Workers of Turkey]. Those to be employed will work [around] Oldenburg city,” said Gül Keskinler.

“Work contracts will be marked with contender to be procured. At that point a German course gratis will be given in Istanbulö and Germany’s framework will be clarified. We have led our gatherings with Germany’s Istanbul Consulate. They will give accommodation to the visa. Additionally during the timeframe that they [future employees] are given a [German] course, they will complete a temporary job for about fourteen days in Oldenburg city,” Kesinler said.

Kesinler additionally said that German culture is maturing and the quantity of those requiring care is on the expansion.

“To close the hole [for the required medicinal services personnel], it [Germany] needs to employ 260,000 individuals from abroad consistently for the following 40 years,” she said.

Two administrators from the AWO said that a work contract of three years will be at first marked with the potential representatives, in spite of the fact that their desire is that the medicinal services laborers work in Germany for a more drawn out timeframe.