Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

Global Gag Rule and Trumps Decision On Women’s Abortion

President Donald J. Trump has given a lot of different orders ever since he has been in office. As some of the orders were up for debate, one of the most controversial events was to cut funds going towards any foreign organization that helps women get abortions.

This inspired a new research to be conducted by a team at the Global Health Justice and Governance program (GHJG) at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, which learns the different point of views and effects of such a decision.

This decision is similar to a policy that is yet to be in effect by April, which is named the Domestic Gag Rule. The author of the research, Marta Schaaf, is also the director of programming and operations for GHJG. She commented on the effects of the decision stating, “Organizations that comply with the rule often over-interpret its restrictions, whether because they lack information about what speech is allowed, they receive misinformation from U.S. government employees about what is allowed, or they fear a major donor. As a result, organizations that comply with the rule often decline to participate in meetings where abortion or even contraception is discussed. In this way, the Global Gag Rule not only curtails free speech, but it limits the ability of organizations to deliver quality healthcare.”

People arguing the decision are afraid that it might affect the health and human rights of Americans. While on the other hand, the main reason behind the decision is to eliminate foreign aspects form the American society.