Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

Harley-Davidson Shares plunges following an earnings miss

Harley-Davidson, Incorporation has recently announced the financial results of the fourth quarter. The firm completely missed the earnings estimates resulting in the plumage of the shares by more than 9 percent following the very day.

As for the 4thquarter, the firm reported the adjusted earnings of around 17 cents on the total revenue of around 1.15 Billion US Dollars. The financial analysts were expecting a higher earning.

The CEO and president of Harley-Davidson incorporation, Mr. Matt Levatich said: “In 2018 we delivered value to our shareholders through improved earnings and cash from operations. The challenges we experienced during the year reinforced the commitment we have for our More Roads to Harley-Davidson accelerated plan for growth,”

The CEO went on to add: “Our plan addresses the challenges of today and the opportunities we see for growth ahead, and we are energized by the momentum we are building. New and different people, riders and non-riders, are taking notice of Harley-Davidson and the thrill of riding.”

As of 2022, the Harley Davidson has its aim towards boosting their financials. The firm has its plans for the launching of newer products that would help it in keeping the riders engaged as well as inspiring the generation ahead about the riding culture.

Despite Harley-Davidson’s initiative, as the CNBC reported, the most common concern amongst the investors still remains is that the generation that is ahead including the baby boomers couldn’t make up even a decent portion of the customer base of these kinds of motorbikes. The current generation simple purchases the motorcycle for the sake of style or because of the culture of riding that couldn’t be observed in the generation

Despite all that, Harley-Davidson is continually progressing forward, all thanks to the aggressive plan that the firm has to add a staggering 2 million fresh riders in just 10 years. The firm has plans to initiate the riding schools, as well as releasing over 100 newer motorcycles before the year 2027. In addition to that, they are looking towards increasing the volume worldwide by around 50 percent.