Mon. Sep 16th, 2019

How drying up of the river changed the lives of the villagers, Mexican woman told

A Mexican woman while attending the Climate Change Summit in Abu Dhabi said that the climate change resulted in the villagers turning into beggars.

Due to the drying up of the only river in the village, the life of nearly 2 thousand people in her mountainous village was turned upside down almost 5 years ago, informed the 29 years old, Jessica Vega Ortega on Monday.

Till today she remembers as well as cherished the pleasant memories she made in her childhood when she along with her friends used to go for swimming the river and assisted the elderly family members in the farming in her village which was located in the Oaxaca State.

She told during the interview that the river which dried up was their lifeline which not only offered us water for drinking, but also for cooking, farming, and everything else. The interview was hosted by the United Arab Emirates and took place from 21st September to 23rd September in New York.

The meeting was attended by Ortega in her capacity as the co-chair of the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus in Mexico.

With time, while growing up she noticed that the water of the river was gradually drying up, which started to affect the lives of the entire villagers. Her village was nearly 11 hours away from the Mexican transport service. She told emotionally that playing and swimming in the river gradually started to turn into a mere sweet memory.

With the death of the river, there was an end put to the farming which was the only means of livelihood for the villagers. The Mexican woman told that the drying of the river did not only end the livelihood but also ended the cultural life of the community as well.

She remembered how people used to sit alongside the riverbanks after work and sing a traditional song. They still do that but not for the same reason, but to make living as beggars. The people of her village leave in the morning for the nearby cities or towns and then sit on the streets to sing songs to get some earning.