Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Huawei determined to see the opportunities rise for it in spite of Australia’s 5G ban

The Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Australia has given affirmation that the firm will never be the one to give up in spite of the bans imposed by the country to roll out its 5G infrastructure.

The new CEO who replaced the former George Huang, Hudson Liu stated that the firm has accepted the policy of the Federal government, yet they are hopeful that the situation would change.

He also added that the ban implies that Australia might not be the first one deploying the 5G technology of Huawei as the firm had previously thought that it would.

He stated on the 15th Anniversary of Huawei Australia that they accept that the policy of the Australian government on their 5G technology might not be changing in the short term, however, they won’t be ever giving up on the market of Australia, they are devoted to the country in both the good, as well as, the bad times.

They are hoping that the situation would change in the future and they will be able to deliver their leading technology ‘5G’ in the market and finally provide the people of Australia access to the world’s top 5G.

But, it was claimed by Liu that the 4G networking business of Huawei would still be bringing solid income in the country. All across the globe, he claimed that Huawei had signing nearly fifty contracts of 5G, most of them are in Europe, and more in Asia.

He added that regardless of what is going on with them, they will be keeping their faith in their technology and will stay determined to witness the rise in the opportunities for them.

Huawei Australia first tapped into the Australian market in 2004. Now it has over 700 employees countrywide and posted revenue of almost 750 million dollars and a profit of 29.3 million dollars last year.