Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

In Germany, Deportees pose a major threat as they sometimes violently attack the officers escorting them

It was revealed by a new report that in Germany, outsiders who were slated for deportation kicked and punched police officers. They engaged in rehearsed violence, and just for avoiding to being sent home, they even bit off their own tongues.

According to the report by German paper Welt on Sunday, in the previous year, two-hundred and eighty-four officers got attacked while they carried out deportations, where 71 amongst them were injured.

These attacked took place during the incidents which related to the deportation of flights, for which the Federal Police is liable. Back in 2017, nearly two-hundred and seventy-four officers were attacked due to the same cause.

The severity of the injuries of the officers was not specified by the police, neither was there any detailed breakdown of the scenario in they got injured provided by the report. In a recent case, in Munich, an officer broke his kneecap because of falling after a 26-year-old migrant from Sierra Leone who was slated for deportation had “caused panic” on air-stairs.

In the other cases, the deportees responded more violently, the union chief of Federal Police ‘Ernst Walter’ who tagged along on various deportation flights, informed the paper that the officers have had sustained head-butts, kicks, and punches during such operations.

It was stated by one officer that his colleagues have been suffered broken wrists, bruises and hematomas on their job. He noted that the health hazards also pose a big threat, as of some deportees carried infections or were drug addicts, and they bit the officers. In one case, one of the deportees bit off tiny piece of his own tongue and blood was spat by him at the officer who was escorting him.