Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Introduction of Versius in Australia will be a Watershed moment in the adoption of surgical robotics in Australia

A company based in the United Kingdom, CMR Surgical, which is leading a ground-breaking robotic arm for micro-surgery, has hit a long-term major deal with an Australian Partner.

With the collaboration with the LifeHealthcare, CMR will be bringing the nextgen surgical Robotic System, Versius+ of the Cambridge company not only to Australia but also to New Zealand. This association between the two companies is targeted to further expand the already advanced market of surgical robots in Australia which is experiencing a 20% yearly growth in robotic procedures.

Procedures supported by robotics are usually implemented in urology with an estimate of 10K procedures taking place with the aids of robots every year. But, according to the predictions of the forecasts, there will be a strong expansion in the field of general surgery and gynecology only if we address the current barriers to robotics, inclusive of the cost-effectiveness.

The Chief Executive at CMR Surgical, Martin Frost stated that Australia is a center which is recognized on a global level for surgical innovation, as well as, established market for surgical robots, which makes it a suitable option for introducing Versius.

Mr. Frost further said that by bringing a cost-effective, as well as, flexible system to Austria we have the goal of expanding the occurrence of minimal access surgery. In order to bring Versius to Australia, our perfect partner is LifeHealthcare who have a history of introducing medical equipment with responsibility.

The Chief Executive Officer at LifeHealthcare, Matt Musico stated that he felt proud of being part of a healthcare sector which leads the way globally in the implementation of novel technology. He said that high expertise is found in Australia regarding surgical robotics and substantial potential to provide more and more benefits to the patients of minimal access surgery. With our knowledge of the market and the technology of CMR, we are confident that the introduction of Versius will be a watershed moment for the adoption of surgical robotics in Australia.”