Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

LaCroix manufacturers CEO blames ‘injustice’ for poor sales

The firm released their quarterly earnings report recently. The National Beverage Corporation has never been following the way but Nick Caporella, the CEO strayed away from script extremely.

The LaCroix water brand was mentioned in the earnings release on Thursday named “‘We Just Love Our LaCroix’ Consumers Chant,” and it just got worse for the company then onward.

“We are truly sorry for these results stated above, neither Negligence nor mismanagement nor woeful acts of God were not the reasons; much of this was the result of injustice!” said the spokesperson.

Mr. Caporella said: “Managing a brand is not so different from caring for someone who becomes handicapped,”

He further added: “Brands do not see or hear, so they are at the mercy of their owners or care providers who must preserve the dignity and special character that the brand exemplifies.”

The firm believes this injustice comprised of the class-action lawsuit that accused LaCroix of having chemicals that are in the insecticide of a cockroach.

Lacroix’s stock as well as that of National Beverage came falling down ever since. The prices of their shares fell by 31 percent in 2018; the closing marketing capitalization of the firm was 1.32 Billion US Dollars. This changed rapidly by Friday, shares fell by as much as 13.6 percent following the after-hour trading on this Thursday. Sales fell by 6.5 million US Dollars as compared to 2018, and the profits of the firm fell from 41 million to 24.8 Million US Dollars.

The spokesperson of the National Beverages said: “We are not a typical company,”

He continued: “What comes out in the writings and the releases is the passion and intensity that we have for our consumer and for our products.”

The CEO said: “One can be induced to purchase by cheapening price or giving away a product, but falling in love with a feeling of joy is the result of contentment. Just ask any LaCroix consumer . . . Would you trade away that LaLa feeling? ‘No way, they shout – We just love our LaCroix!’ I am positive they respond this way each and every time.”