Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

LEGACY SCS crowned As Winner of the 13th Annual award of M&A Turnaround

The Advisor of M&A declared in December 2018 the champions of the thirteenth annual M&A Turnaround. The LEGACY Supply Chain Services, as well as many other involved parties such as the Eos Partners, THL Credit, G2 Capital Advisors, Bergen Parkinson, and the PNC Bank, were announced as co-winners of the Turnaround Award 2018 in the category of mid-size company. The awards will basically be presented on Thursday, March 28th at a Black-Tie Gala at The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach in Florida.

The award is meant to appreciate the devotion and focus of LEGACY and its strategies in the long run to develop a scalable and sustainable providing chain growth platform company. The restructure comprised of the divestiture of plenty of business units that were non-strategic and then associated the cleanup of the balance sheet of the company.

“Our growth strategy focusing on omnichannel supply chain and eCommerce fulfillment solutions has paid off, and we are excited to move to the next phase of growth with our owners Eos Partners,” said the CEO and President of LEGACY, Mike Glodziak. “Thank you to all of our transition partners for your strategic support and guidance along the way – LEGACY’s double-digit annual growth in 2017 and 2018 is a testament to your collective efforts. Further, our strong company culture has shown we are able to take on M&A transitions without disrupting our customers, we look forward to new acquisition opportunities going forward.”

“Since 2002, we have been honoring the leading turnaround transactions, companies, and dealmakers. LEGACY was chosen from over 275 participating companies to receive the award. It gives us a great pleasure to recognize LEGACY and bestow upon them our highest honor for distressed investing and reorganization firms and professionals,” said the founder of The M&A, Roger Aguinaldo.