Mon. Sep 16th, 2019

Making plantation of trees possible for every person

The climate change is quite noticeable and we have to find a way to save our planet. Plantation of trees is believed to be a significant way to do that according to a journal published in the last month. Countries like Ethiopia have high aims and are looking to plant trees in billions by October.

This worldwide planning of fighting the climate change is not very easy and it can be rather difficult to initiate any work on that, so there are some starters for the people who actually want to make an effort.

For example, if we have a yard, we should know what type of soil we have in that yard and if it is suitable for the kind of trees that we want to grow.

Some organizations are quite helpful for plantation and all the work. Trees Winnipeg is a program that recommends the best and suitable tree for the specific yard and they even provide the machinery and things needed for a comfortable start of the plantation. LEAF is another organization that proves to be helpful.

The executive director of LEAF, Janet McKay, told that a tree can be bought at a cheap price in a reasonable time. The people at the organization help you pick out the best tree for the yard you own and even bring the tree to your home and plant it there. With their help and association, the work is quite easy and the people love helping with the consultation.

The problem most people come up with is they don’t have a yard or an outer space big enough for plantation. Most of these are the ones living in flats of big buildings. But they too can plant a tree by talking and negotiating with the building manager and telling them about this strategy of planting trees to save the planet. LEAF is supportive in these kinds of situations too, fortunately.