Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

Mindy Kaling’s partnered with DSW to illustrate the power of finding the right shoes for you

Mindy Kaling’s partnered with DSW

An announcement was made by the Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW), which is a leading retailer in accessories and branded footwear that it is partnering up with an actress, writer & comedian, Mindy Kaling, for an entertaining campaign demonstrating the power of picking the right shoe for yourself.

Kaling stated: “When I put on the right pair of shoes, something clicks. No matter if I’m on set, with my daughter, or at brunch with my friends, I always find that expressing myself through style and shoes gives me the confidence I need.  “That’s why I’m so excited to be partnering with DSW so that others can feel empowered to find that special pair and make it their own.”

The CMO of DSW, Amy Stevenson stated: “We wanted to partner with Mindy because, like most of our DSW customers, Mindy lives a multi-faceted life as a businesswoman, mom, and friend, and she does it all while looking stylish and staying true to herself. We’re thrilled that Mindy is helping us deliver the message that DSW is a warehouse of possibilities for inspiring self-expression with amazing brands and styles at the right price.”

Directed by the famous comedian Neal Brennan, Kaling will be featuring at sixtieth and thirtieth seconds’ spots, illustrating how DSW has a suitable shoe for every mood & situation. This includes the sandals which make you daydream of drinking and napping on a beach, chic mules which transit you to your next vacation spot and snakeskin booties which urges you to get back with your ex-husband even if you’re not married.

In addition to this, the campaign features Kaling in 15 digital videos exemplifying the values of DSW inclusive of the commitment to providing a varied choice of brands, treating the VIP loyalty members as royalty, and in order to satisfy the shades of every woman a variety of style choices.