Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

Music Directly Affects Brain Waves and Synchronizes Listeners.

A very common activity for all human beings is listening to music. Music nowadays plays a very important part in our everyday lives. With different moods, styles and genres there is definitely a huge pool of music library to pick from. But have you ever thought about the effects of music to your brain?

Usually when people listen to music they get captivated and become part of it. The movement of your whole body is synchronized with the music your ears are hearing. This is not a delusion, but actually there is a scientific approach to the phenomena. According to a study conducted by researchers from the City College of New York and the University of Arkansas, there is a direct response by the brain the neural cells to music.

This study included the observing brain signal and waves during listening to music; which shed light on direct synchronization with the music’s waves. This means that all listeners who are engaged to the same music are currently synchronized together which engages their brainwaves.

The study have also showed that repetition of the same music will reduce the engagement and in turn lower the sync. Dr. Parra, the leader of the team wrote, “Across repeated exposures to instrumental music, inter-subject correlation decreased for music written in a familiar style. What is so cool about this, is that by measuring people’s brainwaves we can study how people feel about music and what makes it so special.”