Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

New Earth Friendly Plastic Alternative

Plastic has long been and will always be one of the most harmful materials on planet earth. This is due to the fact that it can’t be degraded and burning it releases toxins that affects us and our planet in a very harmful way. This is what inspires most researchers and chemical engineers to seek a new material that can replace plastic in terms of its availability and being practical.

Just recently a new study conducted by a team of scientists from The Ohio State University has showed potential for a new material that may replace plastic. This material is said to be eco-friendly as it is made from biological material. This new material is a combination of bioplastic and rubber and are nowhere near petroleum in production.

The lead author of the study is a postdoctoral researcher in Ohio State’s Department of Food Science and Technology named, Xiaoying Zhao. He and his team were able to work on the new material, bringing to earth something that might actually break the plastic curse. Dr. Zhao commented on the study saying, “Previous attempts at this combination were unsuccessful because the softness of the rubber meant the product lost a lot of strength in the process. We want something that would otherwise go to waste that is sustainable and also relatively cheap.”

The material is said to be cheap, strong, eco-friendly and available worldwide for mass production. Further tests are being conducted before being able to release the discovery for consumers.