Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

New Theory For Tissue Growth

Growth is a normal part of life; where all living organisms go through. This includes the production and division of cells to create larger tissues to cope with the environment of the organism. However, we all have different sizes, shapes and types of cells, no matter where we are.

This observation was studied further by a team of researchers from the Sechenov University (Russia) and Karolinska Institute (Sweden). They hypothesized that the known theory for skeletal growth worldwide is wrong. The theory where the body uses a number of cells to develop the skeletal system was not consistent with their findings.

The team discovered a new area of tissues called stem niche where growth plate evolves. The new theory states that the growth cells being used up will not stop the growth but only when this newly discovered stem niche is used up and destroyed. This observation changes the way we perceive growth which might lead to further discoveries where growth can be controlled and initiated.

The study was published in the Nature Journal which was  led by  the head of the Laboratory for the Regeneration of Skeletal Tissues of Sechenov University, Andrei Chagin. Dr. Andrei commented on his results saying, “In our article we point out that skeletal growth is based on the so-called stem niche principle that we discovered and characterized. It suggests completely new approaches to the treatment of children with growth disorders. When we understand how the niche is controlled, we’ll be able to regulate it and let the kids with growth disorders grow as high as they want to be.”