Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

Nitric Oxide Might Be Helpful Not Harmful

One of the most common and well-known mineral on earth is Nitric Oxide. It is popular due to its versatility, and the importance of its presence in our atmosphere for its effect to the nature. This mineral is highly reactive and can be toxic at high amounts. It is the main cause of the greenhouse effects that causes the destruction of the ozone layer. The main production of nitric oxide is through cars exhaust gases which is harmful to the environment and humans.

A recent study has shown that this compound might have had a strong presence in our past; chipping in for a large part of our environment. This was proven through a study conducted by Boran Kartal which is a Max-Planck-Scientist, which proved the presence and growth of microbes on nitric oxide. The results and the study were published in the Journal of Nature Communications and is considered a breakthrough due to its toxicity and how harmful it is to the environment.

The study has gone deeper to understand whether this oxide is helpful for our environment in any way or is it harmful as we have known all along. It has been observed that certain types of microbes, including Anaerobic Ammonium-oxidizing bacteria use nitric oxide for growth. This was the breakthrough that made the team take another perspective on the compound; looking for its benefits to the community. This microbe will actually react with the nitric oxide, giving out dinitrogen gas which is become scarce in our atmosphere and is not dangerous as nitric oxide.