Mon. Sep 16th, 2019

Now with deep pockets, Jenny Joseph used to live from hand to mouth before setting foot in UAE

Jenny Joseph used to live from hand to mouth before setting foot in the United Arab Emirates when he was the age of 18. At present, he is 57 years old and happens to be a multi-millionaire florist and who owns a business with the same name as his ‘Jenny Flowers’. There was a turn of 360 degrees in his life for the better, an opportunity which only a few get in their lives.

This is also the reason why Joseph is not an arrogant but a very grateful & humble person who is very pleased for the accomplishments in his life.

As we took a seat for the interview to be taken with this renowned florist who turned into a businessman, his soft & light persona reaffirmed what he wants to achieve eventually in life.

Joseph told that all he wants is to be identified as a good human being. He is a third generation successor of the Bishop Mar Mathew.

Regarding his childhood, Joseph told that he had spent a very harsh childhood in every possible way. Being addressed from the Kasaragod District in India, Joseph was burdened with so many responsibilities like taking care of his huge family i.e. 10 family members at a very early age.

“My father passed away when I was very young and then all the responsibility was loaded on my mother’s shoulder so then getting the money on to the table was very tough. I was very determined and had the will to work hard, and this was a natural choice to become the one who stepped out of the comfort zone and then worked for the livelihood to take care of my 10 family members.”