Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

Owners of cars can now generate money by registering on Getaround

The platform that enables users to straightaway rent & drive vehicles owned by people residing nearby, Carsharing, made an announcement today regarding its expansion to Atlanta. The residents who don’t own any car, or who need any particular car for any trip within or outside of town, can now avail the car instantly by the Getaround application which can be downloaded both on Android and iOS phones. In Atlanta, those car owners who want to escape the financial burden of owning a car and are sick of people of their community taking advantage of their vehicle can now easily make money just by registering & sharing their vehicle on the Getaround marketplace.

The CEO and Co-founder of Getaround said that “Whether it’s offering another option for commuters, the perfect car for a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains, a truck to pick up a TV for your dorm room or freeing travelers from rental car lines at Hartsfield–Jackson, we’re thrilled to now offer Getaround in Atlanta. Consumers are embracing technology solutions that make their lives more efficient and fun. Getaround delivers on those needs while also benefiting the broader community by taking cars off the road and reducing pollution.”

Getaround prefers partnering with Atlanta alike cities, as the platform utilizes cars which are already on the road in order to avoid congestion and traffic. As was added by Zaid: “In 2018, drivers in Atlanta spent an average of 108 hours in traffic. Getaround imagines a world with fewer cars, no more traffic jams, and better air quality. We’re bringing Atlanta closer to that vision by providing a fun, safe and sustainable carsharing experience without the need to meet the car owner, carry an access card, or coordinate picking up a car key.”

Apart from the creation of economic opportunities for the residents of Atlanta, Getaround is also doing investments in the region of Atlanta with the local employees to enhance expansion and support vendor and auto body partnerships. With this increasing growth, Getaround has expanded its operations over a hundred cities across the US.