Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

Promotion of American Story via “In Mid-Sentence” at the National Portrait Gallery

“In Mid-Sentence” which is basically a collection of chosen photographs from a Museum, which when seen together, exhibit the potential of a camera to capture people in a conversation, will be presented at The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. It will feature images of people in the middle of any public speech, sharing jokes, special confessions, political conflicts, and various other types of verbal exchange. Hence, the exhibition will be exploring the weight of visible communication.

Pictures of famous ancient moments like Garry Winogrand’s photograph of John F, the president delivering a speech at the Democratic National Convention & King Martin Luther’s portrait while he was giving his famous speech, etc. Curated by Leslie Urena, this exhibition will take place on 3rd March 2020.

Urena stated: “While photography is a silent medium, photographers have been witnesses to speech-filled, often loud interactions. The works in this exhibition grant us an opportunity to question what photographic subjects were saying and consider how we alter our communication styles depending on where and in front of whom we speak, and whether the dialogue is public or private.”

Amongst the prominent figures who will be highlighted in the exhibition are Margaret Mead (a famous anthropologist), George Bush (Ex-President of America), Angela Davis, Juan Gonzalez, Muhammad Ali and plenty others.

Apart from just featuring prominent American personalities in private & public life, this exhibition will go into depths to explore the link between the camera & theme, and what exactly body language signifies and conveys. Also, a plethora of selected speeches will be delivered on an interactive pavilion.

Due to the endowment by the American Portrait Gala, this exhibition will be possibly taking place. Smithsonian Women’s Committee provided extra support for the interactive pavilion.

Multifaceted stories about the Individuals who have played a role in shaping American Culture will be manifested at the National Portrait Gallery. The Gallery promotes poets, actors, presidents, activists & visionaries whose lives are a depiction of the American story.