Mon. Sep 16th, 2019

Railsbank aims to be of help to public

A banking group based in the UK, Railsbank, declared a rise in the funds of 10 million dollars in its series. A Funding round, the series involved many other groups including Clocktower and Singapore life. Moneta Capital was leading the series. Railsbank assures that it will be a platform that makes it possible for the world to have access to global banking.

The banking group, Railsbank, aims to free the industry of the finance from the hurdles the legacy process poses in the way. It works on this motto and is looking to achieve their goal and have an effect on the compliance of the group.

Nigel Verdon is the CEO of the group and one of the Co-Founders. He said that he was pleased to have a new set of people associating with the group and making investments in us. The customers are increasing on a large scale and the group’s looking for expansion. He added that the development they have made in the small amount of time is incredible and worth investing for. The products they make are quite helpful and are right now leading in this industry which is the cause of the increasing no. of customers.

They expect that the funds they have are going to be fruitful and Railsbank will be able to progress more. It is looking to expand in other countries and sell them their products. They already have expanded in Singapore and have another office there.

The Singapore office is not only a part of the expansion for the Railsbank but also it will be quite helpful for appealing new customers in that region. This will be the first steps for more progress of the group internationally and it will be recognized.

The General Partner at Moneta Capital, the leading group, added that they share the same goal as Railsbank and therefore are investing in Railsbank with high expectations.