Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Researchers looking for ways to prevent mass shootings

Twenty years ago, a fire was opened by two Colorado’s students in their High School, resulting in the death of their 12 classmates and a teacher before their shot their selves. The parents, as well as, the brother of the shooter were interviewed by the psychologist ‘James Garbarino’ in the aftermath, in the hopes that they would understand that why any troubled young boy would kill such massive number of people.

However, the psychologist came up empty. He stated that it is very hard to figure out how any one thing could lead to a deadly event. In truth, two decades after that dreadful tragedy, still there is no established science for predicting who might become a mass shooter.

Till date, the attacks keep on happening. Alone in the last week, there have been numerous mass shootings in public, inclusive of the deadly attacks in Texas, on the 3rd of August, and in Ohio, on the 4th of August, which resulted in the death of 32 people, inclusive of the gunman of Ohio. Speculation has been renewed by the killings about why on the earth would any young male think of spraying bullets across public places.

However, scientists are more broadly thinking about the issue. They are considering various approaches to see which would best help in preventing mass public shootings, instead of exploring the causes behind homicidal rampages. This offers the most potential. There would be conductance of a preventive research program aimed at searching the practical policy prescriptions for cutting the imminent attacks short.

There is a need for the researchers to identify ways for stopping the mass shootings before they get out hands, Philip Cook stated who is a professor of economics and sociology at Duke University. Often, the mass shooters deliver threats to the victims in person or on social media before they act out, according to the researchers.