Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Residents living close to a reactor could get free power, Barnaby Joyce says

Free nuclear power could be offered to the residents who live close to a reactor to help develop support for the controversial technology, says the Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce, as an analysis determines which Australian towns are most suitably placed to host a nuclear plant.

However, there might be loss of momentum of the pro-nuclear push by Coalition backbenchers after one colleague rejected it as a “distraction” and a senior minister stated the government had no desire of going down that path.

The state & Federal laws disallow the development of the domestic nuclear power industry. But, federal MPs James McGrath and Keith Pitt are pushing for a parliamentary probe into the technology’s feasibility in Australia & the NSW Nationals passed a motion supporting nuclear energy last month.

One of the top lobby groups for the technology, the Australian Nuclear Association, has spotted plenty of potential sites for nuclear reactors, those with proximity and stable geology to the existing grid, water, and transport. The locations are inclusive of those in Liberal Ken O’Dowd’s Queensland seat of Flynn and Mr. Joyce’s New England electorate in northern NSW. Both Member of Parliament have backed a nuclear inquiry.

Mr. Joyce stated that the nuclear technology had come a long way in the last few decades & dismissed claims that even if the nuclear ban of Australia was reversed, communities would not agree to host reactors over environmental and safety concerns.

You just have to come up with a suitable policy setting & they will accept it. People will decide with their wallets, he said.

Mr. Joyce derived a new potential policy where if you can see the reactor from your house, you will have free power. If you are within 50 km of a reactor, you get power for half price. Likewise, discounts would scale down to 25 percent for those living 75 km from a nuclear facility.