Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

Reversal of ‘removal of pork from two German daycare centers’ menus’ due to an aggressive response from people

An announcement was made recently by two German daycare centers that they would remove pork from their menus. The decision resulted in attracting criticism from some of the public, leading police to park patrol cars outside of the centers for protection.

It was stated by two daycare centers in Leipzig that they would stop serving children food which contained pork or gelatin, which is a food ingredient obtained through boiling the skin, ligaments, tendons, or bones of animals, commonly pigs. The ingredient is often found in foods like marshmallows, ice cream, and yogurts.

According to DW, the decision made out of respect for 2 Muslim children, as well as, the changing world.

A spokesperson told news agency DPA that some people were not satisfied with the new pork-free policy & their responses following the announcement became aggressive. Local police had to park patrol cars outside of both centers for protecting against ‘possible dangers’.

The ban was then reversed by the director of the 2 daycare centers, Wolfgang Schafer, following the negative reactions.

Many parents of the children who attend the daycare were least bothered by the notion of removing the pork & supported the idea. One mother spoke to DPA about the absurd nature of the argument. She stated that her daughter who is 4-years old would not even notice whether her food contained pork or not.

The health of the children could improve so the daycares reintroduce the pork ban. Pork-based foods could contain high amounts of salt, saturated fat, and cholesterol.

4 years back, the World Health Organization named red meat, inclusive of pork, a Group 2A carcinogen, meaning that it “probably” causes cancer in humans. Processed meat, inclusive of bacon, ham, & hot dogs, was also classed as a Group 1 carcinogen, meaning there is enough evidence that they cause cancer.