Thu. Jun 27th, 2019

Samepage completes the second round of getting funds from Reflex Capital for removing the collaborative limits on the company

Samepage, a leading company which is basically an online collaboration platform that assists teams in managing their online projects in real-time, with editing, group video calling, task management, etc, at the same time, made an announcement today about the finalization of its second round of getting funds from Reflex Capital. Notable changes to its pricing model have been introduced by the company with that funding. The Chief Executive Officer and the Co-founder of the company, Scott Schreiman stated: “We call it our ‘Free Speech Movement,’ as basically all Slack-like chat features are now free in Samepage.” Collective limits on the Company’s Free plan were removed inclusive of the restraints on the pages, guests, and the teams.

The Chief Technology Officer as well as the Co-founder of Samepage, Martin Viktora passed the following statement: “After launching our mobile and desktop UX overhauls, we started emphasizing the benefits of Samepage as an ‘all-in-one’ team collaboration solution. The message is really resonating with teams that normally jump between emails, group chat, video conferencing, task management, and file sharing apps. It’s exciting to watch them realize they can get it all done in one app and save a bundle of cash in the process. Growth is exploding. This new round of funding and our expanded free offerings are going to help us build on this momentum.”

Managing partner at the Reflex Capital, Ondrej Fryc also commented: “Consolidation is coming in the collaboration app space. The number of apps people are using is unsustainable. The market is moving toward more feature-complete solutions, and Samepage has positioned itself perfectly. They’re executing their delivery of an all-in-one solution quite well, and their growth proves it. We’re very happy to continue supporting them with this follow-on round of funding, and we’re excited to watch their new freemium offer boost more adoption.”