Thu. Jun 27th, 2019

Silicom’s Smart NIC that are FPGA-Based are selected by Leading Cloud Player

Silicom Limited was very pleased to announce that it was selected by a successful cloud player for supplying a smart card that is FPGA-based and also that it plans to become part of the user’s virtualized cloud.

The product was selected by the client due to the latest set of features that it offers, also its talent of smoothly and flawlessly interfacing with the user’s virtual network, i.e. a major competitive benefit of an FPGA-based Smart NIC. It further started a lengthy evaluation process in which the engineers from Silicom helped the user to integrate its very own IP in the FPGA, examined and confirmed the solution.

Silicom has received roughly 1 million dollars from orders for the deployment plan of 2019. The network-wide deployment will be generating major multi-million orders every year for the upcoming 5 years. In a best-case scenario,  it may also exceed 10 million dollars per year.

“We are very excited to have been selected by this important Cloud player, another confirmation of the superiority of our technology and the soundness of our FPGA strategy,” commented the CEO and President of Silicom, Mr. Shaike Orbach.”The customer was initially attracted by the unique combination of features that we offer, including an ultra-small footprint-to-throughput ratio together with ‘hand-in-glove’ suitability for virtual environments that facilitates simple integration of the card with the customer’s software and virtual environment.

“Equally important are the very close relationships that have developed between the client’s engineers and our staff, which we believe will open up the potential for additional wins. For example, we are already discussing another use-case for FPGA cards that could develop into a more multi-million dollar, multi-year orders, and we expect new opportunities to emerge from this customer over time.”

Mr. Orbach concluded, “Beyond this specific customer, given the continued strong FPGA interest that we are receiving from additional Cloud, Service Provider and other players throughout the world, we are more confident than ever about the power of FPGA-based products to become one of our major revenue drivers.”