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Community asked to present their Point-of-view on abortion laws

Published On 19 Apr 2019 03:31 AM


On Wednesday, April 17th, University of Adelaide based The independent South Australian Law Reform Institute (SALRI) invited the views and opinions from the community on the abortion laws of the state. “The South Australian Law Reform Institute has been asked by the Attorney-General Vickie Chapman to undertake a review of the State’s abortion laws. This most important reference raises many sensitive and complex ethical, social, legal and medical issues,” said Professor John Williams from the University of Adelaide. For the past four years, the abortion laws of the state haven’t been updated. SALRI has not been requested the consideration of whether the abortion procedures should take place in South Australia or not but instead has been requested to observe the regulation of these abortion procedures keeping in mind the context of health regulations and criminal law. “South Australia’s abortion laws need to be modernised with the view to making abortion a regulated medical procedure under health law as opposed to a criminal law issue,” said Hon Vickie Chapman, the Attorney-General. SALRI shall be consulting and researching widely with the health providers, community, and some interested parties, specifically the regional and rural ones and remote South Australia, on the current practice, law and the effects of any proposed alterations. “There are sincere and differing views in the community which SALRI will consider when making its report,” added Professor Williams. “There will be various means for interested parties to provide their views to SALRI. On the basis of its research and consultation, SALRI will make recommendations on potential reforms.” The views collected by SALRI as a part of the consultation, as well as the legal and some research, shall help in identifying the potential options for clarifying and improving the current law and accessing to the practices and services that are related to abortion in the South of Australia. The report will be provided to the Attorney-General by SALRI in August 2019.

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