Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

The move of Australian lawmakers to fully ban potential carcinogen ‘Glyphosate’ hailed as ‘good news’

Glyphosate which is designated a potential carcinogen by the World Health Organization is a weed killer produced by Monsanto, which merged with Germany’s Bayer last year.

Austria is on the path to becoming European Union’s first country to ban the world’s most commonly used herbicide completely after the nation’s lower house of parliament passed a bill on Tuesday that would outlaw all types of usage of glyphosate, which researchers, as well as, global health experts have tied to cancer.

Australian Lawmaker, Erwin Preiner stated that we want to be the role for the rest of the countries in the European Union and the world as a whole.

The head of Austria’s Social Democrats, Pamela Rendi-Wagner stated that the scientific proof of the carcinogenic effect of plant poison is increasing. Hence it is our responsibility to prohibit this poison from our environment.

Glyphosate is the main ingredient in Roundup which is a product of Monsanto, a United States company that merged with German pharmaceutical giant Bayer last year. It was noted by Reuters noted that it is now off-patent & marketed all over the world by dozens of other chemical groups inclusive of Dow AgroSciences & Germany’s BASF.

4 years ago, glyphosate was classified as a ‘potential carcinogen’ by the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization. Despite that designation, growing public concerns, and a series of ongoing legal combats launched by cancer patients in the US, Bayer has maintained that Roundup is safe & regulators in both the European Union & the United States have continued to permit the prevalent use of the weed killer.

Katharina Rall who is a researcher with the Environment and Human Rights Division at Human Rights Watch hailed move of Austrian lawmakers as “good news.”