Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

The new technology by Micro-X can now check-in 5 times faster and is set for adoption at the airport for security purposes

Technology has been developed by a South Australian company which can make security check-in at airports 5 times faster.

Tonsle-based Micro-X has claimed that its ultra-miniature X-ray tubes can be used for the detection of the tiniest amount of explosives veiled inside a laptop. Which means that the passengers will not have to remove their laptops, electronic items or water bottles from their bags.

The technology had the capability of even detecting the composition of liquids.

The firm said its technology, which is set for adoption at airports all around the world, slash check-ins at security checkpoints from around two-hundred 200 passengers an hour to a thousand passengers.

Peter Rowland who is the Managing Director as the Micro-X stated that the firm trialed the technology for the Defense Force of Australia and the results were no less than overwhelming.

Mr. Rowland told that they were in need of a device which can examine the likely explosives, monitor its contents and how was it made without the requirement of any human for its operations.

The government of Australia has cleared an app recently from the French defense giant ‘Thales’ for the provision of a $10 million convertible loan to Micro-X.

The loan was provided to the firm for the development of the ground-breaking ultra-miniature X-ray tubes.

Under the contract between the two firms, Thales will be responsible for the manufacturing of nanotubes in France and selling it to the world for both security & medical use.

Mr. Rowland said that with the approval of FIRB in place, our journey with Thales can begin in earnest as we together develop & take to the market the ground-breaking x-ray products which are allowed only by this technology.